Monday, May 10, 2010

Bad Credit Refinance - Is it Possible?

With the current state of the economy, many people wonder about bad credit refinance - is it possible? Is it even desirable? Here to help sort out fact from fiction are a few tips on the pros and cons about bad credit refinance.

Tips on Bad Credit Refinance

Fiction: It's impossible to refinance today because banks aren't lending.
Fact: Bad credit refinance is still possible even in a difficult economy. Just keep in mind, without good credit you may not qualify for the best rates. However, that doesn't mean you won't save money. Many people with bad credit still save money or reduce their monthly bills by refinancing.

Fiction: Refinancing always makes sense.
Fact: Not everyone benefits from refinancing; in fact, for some people it can cost much more to refinance rather than pay down the terms of the original loan. Always calculate the full cost of refinancing, including closing costs and fees, and not just the monthly savings.

Fiction: Bad credit refinance ends up costing more in closing costs and other fees than it is worth.
Fact: Shop around for the best terms and rates to find a loan that fits your needs. Many people find they are able to recoup the cost of refinancing the loan within 1-3 years or even less.

Fiction: Bad credit refinance isn't a good idea because the government might not be willing to help once funds become available.
Fact: Following the mortgage crisis of 2009, the government made special funding available. As of 2010, only a few hundred people have taken advantage of the HOPE loans and other government sponsored initiatives. Currently there isn't any way of knowing what qualifications and criteria will be necessary in order to obtain assistance at a later date; on the other hand, locking in a solid fixed interest rate today assures your financial obligation is stable no matter what takes place in the future.

Fiction: I will be required to pay a lot of money out of pocket in order to refinance my home.
Fact: It is often possible to refinance with little to no money out of pocket. Closing costs and other expenses are easily rolled into most loan packages making it as affordable as it is easy to start saving money almost immediately. Just keep in mind, while it is simple to roll expenses into the closing cost it isn't always desirable since you will be effectively financing them for the entire term of the loan. If you are able to pay for closing costs and other fees out of pocket it is often preferable to do so when doing a bad credit refinance.


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